Treatment KOBIDO® with its history of more than 540 years
represents the most ancient art of facial massage of highest quality.

Level 5 Kobido Licensed Facialist


In Japan according their tradition, the face is the main body part used for the diagnostic of TSI-condition. Tsi is the life energy representing the universal power at the roots of each human being in the world.


This extraordinary effective manual therapy is based on gently touch and absolutely soft vibrations with delicate manipulations (as if you want to caress the water surface without creating the waves), on percussive techniques, kneading and acupressure on acupoints.


The aim is to reduce the muscles tension of the FACE, NECK and HEAD, to remove the toxins out of the lymphatic system, to relax the nervous system and to give to the whole body the sense of well-being.


Everyone can benefit from KOBIDO massage – babies, men and women, elder people, and first of all – women after 35 years old. KOBIDO has no side-effects.


Simona Primavera is the first Kobido practitioner in Italy to have received certification from Kobido Japan. Since 2010 she has been personally trained by the neurologist Master Shogo Mochizuki, world renown as the leading expert in this art, and as teacher and practitioner, he continues a tradition that has been handed down over 26 generations. Having obtained a degree in law with a specialization in the field of international cooperation, Simona worked for ten years in developing countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. Her long sojourns in Asia led her to develop a deep interest in holistic Eastern practices, and finally to train in the complex and difficult art of Kobido. She has since dedicated herself to the practice of Kobido with passion and enthusiasm.